Firstly we are professionals in PR, branding and communications. Secondly – perfectionists.

That is why we decided to join forces to provide a new product on the market,
combining the best practices in servicing celebrities.

Our goal – to deliver quality services and be the preferred partner for
talented individuals, providing them the peace and time required
for their art.

What makes us different can be summarized in three points:
Who We Are

Strategic thinking

The company has a thorough view of the market, allowing us to see quick changes, to highlight trends and plan every move and project the right way. Only this way we can be one step ahead of others, and our clients – modern, innovative and those who dictate trends.

Who We Are

The gentle but right

that qualitatively changes the results
achieved by our clients

Who We Are

A comprehensive approach

allowing us to solve problems in unusual and effective way using the tools of the modern world and telling stories that everyone loves and shares.

As an agency part of Symbol Media Group, we provide our clients access to experts in various fields to present them with full communication services.

Part of our family are also: