The favorable and most importantly stable image and popularity in the public eye are developed as a complex
care and through comprehensive long-term strategy for development of the image.

Image Locator

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Image Making


• Conducting an initial audit and analysis of the current situation and positioning, analysis and assessment of strengths and weaknesses.

• Preparation of a personal profile.

• Building and developing the identity and sustainable public image.

• Assistance in building a positive reputation and search for a correct positioning of celebrity’s image.

• Preparation of the plan – a vision for positioning of information considering the personality and image of the artist.

• Review and discussion of the current situation – texts, choice regarding materials and photos that are familiar to the public, interviews, appearances on TV and radio, and others.




• Consultations on all matters related to the image of the artist.

• Creation of strategies for behavior according to the specifics of the particular situation.

• Management of crisis situations.

Media Boosting

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Traditional Media Positioning


• Build a favorable image in the media.

• Comprehensive care for all texts submitted to the media – articles, news and interviews, which will be offered to various newspapers, magazines and websites.

• PR services / creating and sending press releases / media communication, to assist with interviews and media appearances

• Consultation guidelines in upcoming media appearances, behavior, positioning, clothing, method of keeping the conversation.


Social Media Marketing


• Management of a Facebook page – daily publication of posts and photos, feedback and communication with fans.

• Management of an Instagram profile.

• Maintenance of an official YouTube Channel.

• Planning of all activities and overall online presence across all social networks.

• Management of advertising campaigns and budgets on the social networks.

Stars Management

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Management of participations and work commitments


Communication and negotiation with various organizers of events, concerts and festivals. Creating a network of institutions / locations with which to work on the long-term. Organization of events, concerts, participation in charitable initiatives.


Advertising management


Preparation of presentations and negotiating partnerships and sponsorships, management of long-term engagement with brands. Negotiation of comprehensive campaigns featuring the artist. Overall communication with potential and current partners and sponsors.


Special projects related to the artist’s image


Management of special projects – TV shows, video blogs, TV and online reality shows, and other business initiatives related to the construction of the image.


Personal branded product lines


Creating and developing concepts for products and original formats, negotiating sponsorships and partnerships in relations with them, managing the presentation of the sponsor’s image and the communication campaigns of the products.