Deep Zone Project &
Vessy Boneva

Music Video

ScreenMixer were just launching. Tripsy was a startup that came to us not long ago. We knew both projects needed a boost, a very fast one. That’s when they came – Deep Zone Project & Vessy Boneva wanting for ScreenMixer to shoot the music video of their summer hit.


Due to the minimum budget of the video we decided to join Tripsy and make things bigger while in the same time promoting a brand that was all about that summer vibe and chasing the rays of the sun around endless beaches. We decided to also use some footage we already had from their trips around the world.


With the help of Raffy The Pool, and the crew of ScreenMixer we managed to create just another material for a case study and create not one, not even two but three success stories – Deep Zone’s, Tripsy’s and ScreenMixer’s.


Category Music Video

Stars Deep Zone Project, Vessy Boneva


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