My Limited Watch

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It all began long before the project itself. As everything else – with a simple passion and our tech director. Watches. He is literally crazy about them, having even a watch from a James Bond movie. So you almost get the picture, until one day the guy and the watches decide to go to the gym. And that’s when everything began, he came back and started complaining he should take his watch off and put another one that was for fit lifestyle or should carry such a watch to business meetings and neither made much sense. That’s when the team of StarsBooster got their inspiration.

We decided to partner with Vostok and Lazar Angelov to create the watch that will fit every style. The multi-purpose beast you would be able to wear with elegance on a business meeting and then go hit the gym, why not even swim for a bit.

So while Lazar was working on the design with Vostok we were planning our advertising campaign, the website, a video and a photo shoot. After a few months the watch was ready, it looked better than anyone imagined and it served its purpose. So all that was left was for us to go in the studio and start shooting. Our idea was to show the multi-purpose feeling and the fact that it fit every style and put emphasis on vital characteristics through voice over.

Then all that was left was to fill the site with copy and launch the campaign featuring Lazar in 3 different wears – formal, casual and sporty, showing the main idea of the watch and leading to sales on an international level.


Category Fashion, Fitness

Star Lazar Angelov