Emo the Fitness Chef

Branding, Online Presence, Photoshoot

Emanuel Iwuji is a bodybuilder and a fitness chef that from a lean boy became a national and regional champion.


We took on what he does and offered him to make it an overall finished brand. The first step was to take a photo shoot we were going to use in different presentation materials. In order to tell his story the crew of Take A Pixel along with our creative team decided to shoot him while doing everyday exercises in a rather untraditional way – using healthy cooking ingredients. This way we managed to capture what Emo actually does.


Next stop was his online presence, the creation of a Facebook page, website, his own online reality show and the path to his dreams.
Today Emo remembers the start of our journey with a smile and says he is more than happy to do what he’s been dreaming about ever since he first took on the fit lifestyle.

Category Branding, Online Presence, Photoshoot

Star Emanuel Iwuji


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