Dicho – “Nosht i Den”

Music Video

One of the most popular Bulgarian rock stars came to us wanting to shoot his new video. We sat down and after listening to the song we knew what we were going to do – go in Lefkada and shoot a video that fully responds to his targeted audience and is amazing for the branding of every firm connected with travel activities.

StarsBooster carried the overall communication with sponsors and just after less than a week we were ready to go to Lefkada. We took a few people from ScreenMixer and our sponsors – Tripsy and Busexpress and were ready to shoot every step of our adventure.

Considering the short amount of time during which the whole video should’ve been ready our video editors were working 12 hours a day at least. But the other part of us was also buzzing and we were launching an event for the video’s premiere, sending press releases and inviting guests some of whom the biggest stars of the Bulgaria stage.

After the event it was published online and it was our job to position and popularize it in the media. The video of course became popular in Bulgaria as it was expected but more importantly every client was more than happy and we created something that speaks to every traveling soul around the world.

Category Music Video

Star Di4o


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